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Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
down here. >> if the sich wawingtuations changes we will be the first to tell you. >> view video on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> r
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in a story we have been following. >> baltimore city police have identified the officers involved in the death of a suspect in police custody. >> those officers are detective greg boyd -- anthony anderson died more than a week ago. police first said he died choking undrapings but the autopsy showed that wasn't the case. they are on administrative duties as the investigation continues. >> the orioles are going to texas. last year they ended with a 69- 93 record. this year it's a turned around. 93-59. slugging the most home runs ever by an orioles team but this is evan longoria night. three homers, in the 4-1 win but the wild card team. a win there sends them back home to camden yards. stop it, don't want to see that. ? the orioles have a day to get ready for the game. >> now it comes down to the wild card game on friday night. we are live in saint pete. a rough night to watch. >> reporter: it was. a lot of fans waiting for something to happen. they haven't done anything the easy way. they figured why start now? when it was a rough night for the orioles bats again which was the s
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at an airport. sarah high schoolen beck talked with her. >> this was 13 days after my first chemo. >> reporter: and the friends that encouraged her fight. last week she flew from kansas city to indianapolis to sell are bait her 5-year-old anniversary and went through security and a body scan and a tsa agent asked her to step aside. what happens next makes her sick to her stomach. >> i'm standing here with my arms in the air and somebody's feeling my chest and everybody's working with me wondering what does this woman have on chest. >> she told the agent she had silicone implants and chemotherapy left with scar tissue. the agent never asked if she wanted a private pat down. >> i was just dumb struck. i just stood there while she ran her hands around my breasts and across them. >> reporter: she said those moments made her feel violated. >> i was so shocked i was numb and as the days went by i got angry and i thought i don't want this to happen to o me or another woman. >> reporter: we took her concerns straight to the tsa. despite advances in technology, a physical pat down is still necessary in
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of ball tell more city. >> that whole approach probably the longest 30 seconds of my life. >> state police first serjeant commanded the s.w.a.t. team that approached his caprice. the feds developed him as a suspect and because of snyder's ticket knew what car they were looking for early in the morning of october 24th it was spotted here at the rest stop off interstate p. o. 70. >> he briefed his team drawing accrued sketch like this one to plan the attack. after 90 minutes of practice, intelligence and shutting down roads, the team of six approached. >> there was no reaction. motionless. dead stairs. didn't say a word. they just, you know, mohammed put his hands up, he was in the back seat. he was removed from the car and mall bow was in the car and he was removed from the car. the whole time we had them in custody not one word spoken >>> no emotion displayed. just a blank stare. >> that is what he cannot forget to this day, the look of a cold calculatekiller who the feds say was poised to carry out shootings in the baltimore area next. a surprisingly peaceful end to a manhunt. both say it
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of rain and fog into your morning commute. look for 69 degrees and patchy dense fog. >>> police first told us that a man died from swallowing drugs. >> now a medical examiner's report says it's murder. >> jamie and kelly the report lists injuries to his ribs and spleen. three baltimore city officers are now on paid leave. >> reporter: following the his -- following his death it's been called police brutality. the 46-year-old had bluntfore injuries and his death is now ruled a homicide. on the evening of september 1 september 1st his family says he came out of a bar on bittal street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter, and two-year-old grand daughter was there. >> when hewe was telling them that tony was complaining of hurting and that he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail, and that's not true. >> police confirmed that three officers are on paid leave and drugs were not a contributing factor to anderson's death. lice said he tried to swallow drugs. the family attorney said he will file a civil law suit claiming excessive force. >> people get taken d
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
situation from west to east. frederick clearing out first. sun over the high country to the west, sunset. then in baltimore clouds clearing, last, to the east it took longer but eventually skies clearing off down in ocean city. statewide under a nice, clear sky and that will make for mighty fine weather around here tomorrow. you can seat difference. humiddive levels dropping. even baltimore below 60. once we get a dew point number below 60 starts to feel more comfortable that. will stay through the day and temperature wise the drop across the state. in the 50s to the west. that's that cooler air pressing in from west to eastover the state. you can see the frontal boundary coming lue maryland. through the overall view there is that line of clouds, sparked a few showers as that frontal boundary pushed throughout of the west. now under a generally clear sky. just a few clouds, back down through cambridge and ocean city. a few clowes there. basically this boundary will keep pushing off shore and now the next one, this one marking the edge of some much cooler air. tomorrow, just dryer air. no
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of hope to the city. everybody is excited, fired up. they want to follow the orioles and i think everybody is very excited about the orioles baseball for the first time since i have been a little kid. >> reporter: when your skipper calls you out that feels good. >> we are the best. we have faith of. i have been a fan since i was a kid. >> nobody thought we would play on a thursday night, 10, 11, 12. >> its been a long time. >> reporter: never give up, gamers, tough, guy you want to root for. perfect team for the city. >> it's a great team. buck did a great job with the team. >> i couldn't be happier to be here. seriously. no, i don't think i would. >> reporter: orioles fans in there, just -- >> it's tough. going into that we talked about some of the good stuff. let's talk act the rough patch for that and that's been the hitting. middle of the line. davis 0-4, jones 0-3, weeders 0- 3, it's hard to win like that. couple base hits and they will win if they can close it out. pretty impressive. we will keep you posted on what's going on. >> reporter: we will find out what happens. hopeful
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7